Best Managed Cloud Hosting for Website apps

First lets understand what is the most common scenario we need cloud hosting

Let’s assume a scenario: You or Your client is getting 100,00 visitors on a website hosted on a shared environment with you, and suddenly it crashes or slows down to snail speeds. On the other hand, you or your client keeps contacting hosting company’s support team for hours asking questions over his website performance. What will you do? Call your hosting company and question them? Plead them to take the website to a new server or bring it to live ASAP? Or, ask for a VPS server instead? More like magic you will start expecting to happen badly.

But firstly, you already lost the time when traffic was bounced back or experienced low speeds, your client has noted your hosting and consulting failure. Because the website might lose his reputation or even lose the traffic generated from investing in marketing campaigns or so.

So let us understand the application use of Shared Hosting vs Hybrid Cloud Hosting for websites with Good Traffic, Need for Stability, Scalability, and Security. What’s the better choice?

What Is Shared Hosting and Why It’s not a choice for many Digital Businesses and Agencies?

It is a single server that hosts multiple websites. A shared hosting solution is ‘low cost’ but very unreliable because of low availability (uptime). Moreover, if one website gets a lot of traffic, other websites on the server suffer due to the excessive and highly unfair allocation of server resources. All these results as a loss in traffic and loss of potential customers.

Moreover, when everything is running on shared access and environment. One must not ignore the fact that the reputation of one website can affect the other websites hosted on that server. As once the server IP where due to one particular website or more is blacklisted in ISP stage. That blacklisting can affect many other websites running.

Who must choose Shared Hosting?

Website owners who use smaller websites having not more than 5000 visitors a year or even in cases where your business does not depend on Digital Medium completely. Usually, businesses with lower digital budgets go with Shared Hosting but the only factor to watch is that one must not compromise the actual Digital Requirements with its cost. Which can later affect the business as well? We offer great Shared Hosting environments.

What about Reseller Hosting on Shared Hosting Platforms?

Exceptionally, Every shared hosting server when setup with other servers for running an environment has its planning and purpose. Shared hosting environments like Reseller Hosting are very well optimized and monitored as they are backed up by superb administration and hardware. Reseller Hosting setup is different as compared to a single website setup on shared hosting servers. These environments are prepared to assume the large count, traffic, and business to run on these servers. Such servers are prepared for Reseller Hosting 

Things Digital Businesses Should Look for in a Web Hosting Service

We have prepared a list of essential features and requirements that agencies should look for when selecting a Digital hosting partner.

Server Resource and Management

Most of the e-Commerce running on Magento, Opencart and few high traffic WordPress or PHP Website Projects often need ample storage space and server resources for better performance. For digital agencies, the best-suited hosting models include Cloud, VPS, and Dedicated Servers Hosting.

Digital Agencies serving customers need hosting solutions that can take the make the server setup process ease and website hosting runs with the breeze. These solutions are able to serve multiple clients and save a lot of time that agencies could dedicate to serving their clients.


Future of Hosting Businesses is more towards availability and scalability. Given the requirements of many projects, digital agencies should opt for hosting solutions that offer scalability as a basic feature. Both Cloud and VPS hosting solutions have this feature and are thus an ideal match for the requirements of digital agencies that have e-commerce stores and high-traffic websites as clients. Most of these projects need to be scaled on a regular basis based on the amount of traffic they receive. Some cloud hosts also offer auto-scaling facility, while VPS servers are scaled manually prior to the event.


Usually, all search engines, especially Google, prefer a website that loads instantly faster. Apart from Hosting providers, it is also a responsibility of coders and optimizer whether the website is programmed and organized to load faster. Digital marketing agencies that are working on increasing the rankings of their clients need hosting solutions with high page load speed.


No one wants to experience a cybersecurity incident, least of all, digital agencies that manage the websites of their clients. Dedicated servers can become costly because of the wasted resources. A better alternative is Hybrid Cloud Hosting Solution.


Most shared hosting services promise 99.9 percent uptime, but they always fall short on delivering it. Digital agencies require solutions with high uptime simply because of the impact of downtime on the business. Just this requirement excludes shared hosting as a viable solution for digital agencies.

What’s Different about Hybrid Cloud Hosting?

Hybrid Cloud Hosting is an attractive alternative to High Traffic or Premium Websites who require stability and security. Our Hybrid Cloud Hosting is very popular in India as it is Managed Cloud hosting as it comes with all the features that fit the requirements of Digital Businesses and Digital Marketing Agencies. In particular, agencies are looking for managed cloud hosting solution providers that could take away the pain of managing customer websites from their hands.

Shared HostingManaged Cloud Hosting
Unmanaged hostingFully managed hosting
Lack of ReliabilityHigh reliability and uptime
Hidden costsLow cost and No hidden cost
Weak SecurityHigh security with CDN
Suitable for beginnersSuitable for beginners and enterprises alike
Not scalableHighly scalable

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