Google Chromes New Security Update for HTTPS Websites 2

Google Chromes New Security Update for HTTPS Websites

HTTPS, that green lock icon you might have noticed in the address bar. It simply conveys that it is an encrypted website connection—it’s known as many things. Earlier it was known for security in terms of passwords and other sensitive website transaction data. But gone are those days limited to just few features, as of now the entire web is gradually leaving HTTP behind and switching to HTTPS.

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Working of HTTPS?

For a layman or beginner to understand let us out it this way – The “S” in HTTPS stands for “Secure”. It’s the secure version of the standard “hypertext transfer protocol” your web browser uses when communicating with websites. When HTTPS is correctly active on any website, servers and computers exchange a sort of “code” between them and then they run the message with that “code” to maintain a private pipeline communication so that no one in between is able to read them. This helps in keeping your information safe from an external listener or in other words hackers. The “code” used is placed on Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), also called Transport Layer Security (TLS) for sending the information back and forth.

It also provides additional privacy for normal web browsing, too. For example, Google’s search engine now defaults to HTTPS connections. This means that people can’t see what you’re searching for on The same goes for Wikipedia and other sites. Previously, anyone on the same Wi-Fi network would be able to see your searches, as would your Internet service provider.

But why Leave HTTP Behind?

At the least level, let’s learn this – HTTP allows many Internet service provider to tamper the web pages visited by you or when you are on it if they want. They may add content to the web page, modify the page, or even remove things. For example, ISPs or any external entity having access to all this browsing information may use this method to inject more advertisements into web pages you visit.

Google’s Important Update

Maybe you might have heard about the latest Google security update recently? As per the update, Google says that it is going to phase out ‘secure’ badge for the HTTPS sites and the HTTP sites will be marked as “Not secure” with red color or something in the address bar. So is your website Secure with SSL ?

This won’t be affecting the sites that are currently using the HTTP standard. But what you must know is that Chrome is planning or maybe the right thing to say is already in proceeds to introduce its latest version 68 in July 2018 which will start marking all non HTTPS or just HTTP sites as “Not secure” in the address bar. So let’s see how it may look like;

Google Chromes New Security Update for HTTPS Websites 3

The Chrome’s version 69 will be released in September 2018 which won’t exhibit the “Secure” working for the HTTPS websites but display only a gray lock sign. It will appear as below:

Google Chromes New Security Update for HTTPS Websites 4

Yes, we know what you must be thinking that it feels mentally more safe to access a Green Lock Website when making some purchase or any transaction. But as per Google, users should expect that the web is safe by default and they will be warned when there is something fishy. So it more like a whole expectation upgrade overall internet.

What are the other benefits of having an HTTPS for your website?

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